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Meet the Writers

Our Growing Group of Industry Experts

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Bingi's Homemade OG SuperSoil Mix​

Article by Bingi Buckwylde

One of the most common questions I get asked, is what nutes do I feed my plants... to which I normally chuckle and half wittingly reply... "I don't really feed my plants... except for the occasional foliar misting, which is actually an IPM measure, and more of a dessert or "Terp" booster than the priority "feeding" mechanisms..."

"It's ALL in the Microbes...."

Get Involved in the Cannabis Industry

Agricultural explosion

Find our how to get involved in the cannabis revolution and develop the community in the process.

South Africa's Cautionary Tale

Article By Arne Verhoef

Hemp could play a major role in achieving nearly every goal of the so-called "Africa 2063" manifesto, and serve in nearly every aspect of the ambitious Accelerated Industrial Development plan for Africa (AIDA), driven by the African Union and the United Nations.

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Magical Medicine

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Cannabis medicines are believes to be effective across a variety of medical conditions from pain relief to skin conditions, cancer treatment and palliative care.

The CDCEC - Cannabis Development Council of the Eastern Cape

A little bit about a big project

We aim to uphold the regulations and standard of cannabis and cannabis usage in the Eastern Cape and South Africa. Ensuring all people have access to the cannabis plant as well as business opportunities, building opportunities and access to alternative healthcare. We protect and defend our members when arrested or detained due to cannabis related offenses.

Our goals at the CDCEC are far reaching. One of our short term goals is to develop Cannabis-Tourism in South Africa starting in the Transkei, where we will uplift and build the community in a green and sustainable manner.

We will keep you up to date on all Cannabis related news, facts and tips covering not only Cannabis Growing, Responsible Private use, Medicinal use, Research and Educational use we will also take you to the roots of this amazing plant in South Africa as we explore the Traditional and Cultural use through Traditional Leaders and Rural Farmers.

Cannabis News

What can the CDCEC assist you with?

Your one stop site for all the information you need. Find out more about what we do for each area we cover, develop and explain. Click on the category that interests you.

Cannabis Tourism

Its not only buds and fields…

Gorgeous accommodation, real cultural experiences that simply cannot be explained.  The Transkei offers beautiful scenery and yes, fields of green… more about the amazing Transkei in our Travel Section.

Want to be part of the project?

We are looking for Volunteers

Be part of the start of a Cannabis Tour route going from Cape Town to Durban.

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