Notice of temporary shut down.

It is exceptionally disheartening to inform all members the website for CDCEC as well as all the emails will be temporarily deactivated.

Many businesses have felt the crunch in 2020 with covid-19 closing many doors including our NPO’s. We have unfortunately exhausted all funds trying to keep our many community projects and outreach programs afloat.

But all news is not bad, The CDCEC executive board is working hard on getting the funding needed to re-launch all systems including the membership platform 2.0, tourism routes and card system.

We would like to thank all members who have been with us through the teething period, covid-19 shutdown and now this small pause in services that we will soon overcome. Our members and the communities we service are our greatest concern and we would like all members to know that when our services are re-launched that we will be issuing re-dated cards to sync to a fully built system free of charge to the existing members who have stuck with us through this difficult period in time.

Unfortunately we cannot give a date on when services will be re-launched, as soon as a date is confirmed we will be in communication with all members, if you would like to join the executive board and help us make this dream a reality or if you need to get hold of the CDCEC you can contact us directly.

Kind Regards

CDCEC Director - Thando Ngobo


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